Driving Contract

Safe Driving Contract for the ______________ Family and their Young Adult_____________

Purpose.  This agreement is written for the purpose of identifying those feature of safe driving that the Driver, ___________________, agrees to follow. The listing of specific examples is not intended to be a complete list, but rather to identify examples whereby the values of respect for other drivers, safety for self and others, and the use of a vehicle for safe transportation are delineated.

Term.  This agreement shall be for the dates of_________ till __________.

Responsibilities of Parent.

  1. 1. Parents will agree to make one of the family cars/_____________ available for Young Adult __________ to drive.

  1. 2. Parents will provide for maintenance of car.

  1. 3. Parents will assist in obtaining driver's permit and necessary insurance for Young Adult to drive the car.

Responsibility of Young Adult

  1. 1.I agree to keep track of driving hours and fulfill all other requirements to fulfill the State of __________ Graduated License driving law with attention to detail and a good attitude towards the time it takes for my parents to help me fulfill those obligations.

  2. 2.I will always ask my parents for permission to drive the car for the first full year.

  3. 3.I will always indicate to my parents where I am driving to and what time I expect to be there, and what time I expect to be home.

  4. 4.I agree to obey all traffic laws to the level of reasonable safety (speed limits not to be exceeded by 5 mph).

  5. 5.I agree to not allow any other party to drive the vehicles to which I am entrusted without explicit permission from my parents. Furthermore, I agree to ask for the use of vehicle, not using any vehicle without prior notification/negotiation with my parents.

  6. 6.I agree not to transport more than two (2) other persons at any one time.

  7. 7.I agree to not use or permit alcohol to be used in the process of driving the vehicle with which I am entrusted.

  8. 8.I agree not to react to other driver's bad driving habits and behaviors.

  9. 9.I agree not to race other drivers.

  10. 10.I agree to always wear the seatbelt provided and ask that all my passengers use theirs.

  11. 11.I agree to report any problem with a ticket or accident to my parents.

  12. 12.I will drive defensively - always anticipating the poor driving of others.

  13. 13.I will not use the vehicle to play any sort of daring games such as chicken on railroad tracks or any other type of use of the vehicle that is offered by others except for the purpose of safe transportation.

  14. 14.I will agree to pay for ________________ towards the purchase of an automobile.

Possible Consequences if Agreement is Breached

  1. 1.I agree if any items of my responsibility are breached that I may lose my driving privileges.

  2. 2.I agree that if my grades fall below ___% I will not drive until they exceed ___% in any subsequent quarter.

  3. 3.I agree that I will pay the cost of any ticket myself and that if I have any traffic infraction or other ticket, or if I am involved in any accident that causes damage to my car or another's car, I will relinquish my driving privileges for six (6) months.

  4. 4.I agree that I will pay for the increment in cost for any extra charge applied to the family's auto insurance if I have a ticket or accident. I also agree to pay the cost of any damage to my or other's cars not covered by the family's auto insurance.

  5. 5.I agree that there may be no car for me to drive if I damage this car by accident or other source of damage until I pay for damages incurred.


I understand that my family loves me and designs this contract for the purpose of building safe driving habits, and strong trust relationships in a family that wants my safety more than any other item on this menu.



   Signed by Driver                                                           Date



   Signed by Parent and Owner


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