Clothing  Contract

Contract Between____________and Mom and Dad for a Clothing Budget.


The purpose of this contract is for each of us to write down just what we expect from each other, and just what is allowed in the coming year.

Responsibility of Parent:

  1. 1.Provide $ _______ for the use by __________ for the purpose of buying the clothes listed below. (This may be delivered as needed, on a monthly basis or lump sum. Recommend as needed for children under age 11)

  2. 2.Promise to provide transportation to reasonable sites for shopping at reasonable frequency, upon fair and advance notice by Young Adult. (Not to exceed ______ times a _______day/week/month)

  3. 3.Promise not to interfere in choices of clothes unless Young Adult agrees/asks to an Adult Consult.

  4. 4.Promise help with ideas such as sales, rummage sale transportation, newspaper clippings or help with sewing, hand me downs, etc

Responsibility of Young Adult:

  1. 1.Agrees to limit, in all good faith, cost of clothing to $ _______ for the year ______.

  2. 2.Agrees to shop for reasonable value.

  3. 3.Agrees to keep all receipts and tags from clothing.

  4. 4.Agrees to dress with reasonable neatness for special occasions such as ________________ (church/synagogue, school parties, weddings, birthday parties etc.) and obtain clothes for such.

  5. 5.Agrees to not ask for more money for extra clothes.

  6. 6.Agrees to make a check list and plan ahead for clothes needed later in the year.

  7. 7.Agrees to try not to shop out of envy for what other kids have.

  8. 8.Agrees that the items included in clothing shall be all: Shoes, pants, shirts, (blouses, skirts, dresses, pantsuits, included for girls), underwear, socks, jackets, sweaters, winter coat, sweatshirts, gloves, winter hats, caps, swimsuits, shorts, sandals. Furthermore, any formal clothing for parties or religious use shall be included as well.

Miscellaneous Agreements:

  1. 1.Any money left over will belong to Young Adult.

  2. 2.Any accidental loss may be replaced ("insured") by parent such as loss of a suitcase during travel. Parent promises not to let child be in harms way without proper clothes.

  3. 3.Both parties agree that any item in this contract may be unable to be kept and that the contract may be reopened for amendment if that should occur - but that any one item not being met shall not mean that the rest of the items in the contract will not still be followed.


   Signed by Young Adult

   Signed by Parent